Bitfarms buys new Canadian land for $1,760,000 to build a new mining farm

Geoff Morphy, president and COO of Nasdaq-listed company Bitfarms Ltd., has announced in a press release issued by the company that the company has acquired new land in Sherbrooke Québec, Canada for $1,760,000 to start a new crypto mining farm.

The new farm is called Garlock, which will replace the old farm, de la pointe, that was retired on the 7th of September, 2021.

Because of the constant noise that is emitted by the de la pointe farm in Sherbrooke, many neighboring residents have complained about the farm’s sound pollution:

“We don’t even want to open the windows, we close them because we’re tired of hearing it. It’s a buzz, a constant and aggressive vibration that is inflicted on us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We even had to insulate our bedrooms window which overlooked the farm in order to be able to sleep”

The new farm is considerably located in a remote place from the city and will have sophisticated noise reduction technologies.

The Bitfarms new bitcoin mining facility capacity

The new farm, the Garlock, will benefit from Bitfarms’ Sherbrooke contracts that supply a cost-effective hydropower capacity of 18 megawatts (MW) at an average cost of $0.04 per kilowatt/hour.

When completed, the total planned capacity of the three Bitfarms’ Sherbrooke facilities; The Garlock, The Leger, and The Bunker, will fully utilize Hydro-Sherbrooke’s contracted power of 96 Megawatts.

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