Hex diamond, a rare black diamond sold for $4.3 million worth of crypto

The world’s largest black diamond cut, which is named “The Engima” and weighs 555.55-carat gem with 55 facets, has sold for £3.16m ($4.3m) at British auction house Sotheby’s, in London, the United Kingdom for hex.com

The Engima [Hex Diamond] Specifications


The Enigma was described as “one of the rarest, largest, billion-year-old cut of black diamond” as of the Guinness World Book of Records 2006, and is thought to originate from space.

The auctioneer “Sotheby’s” said that the buyer “Richard Heart” chose to pay the diamond price in crypto.

After the purchase completion, the buyer announced that he will change the diamond name from The Engima to HEX Diamond, referring to his blockchain platform hex.com

The Engima [Hex.com Diamond] Gallery

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