NVIDIA H100 Hopper GPU 48GB Specifications

NVIDIA H100 Hopper

Jensen Huang, NVIDIA founder and CEO, is going to start NVIDIA’s GTC conference, which will take place tomorrow March 22, 2022, 8:00 a.m. PDT (4:00 p.m. CET), showing the latest Nvidia AI products’ Keynote that is rumored to announce the launch of NVIDIA H100 Hopper GPU.

NVIDIA H100 Hopper GPU 48 GB leaked Specifications

NVIDIA H100 Hopper
GPU CodenameGH100
Fabrication NodeTSMC Manufacturing Process 5 nm N5
GPU Clusters< 144
L2 Cache48MB

NVIDIA H100 Hopper GPU 48 GB rumored Memory and Cores

CUDA cores43008
Transistors100.1 billion
FP32 Cores / SM64
FP32 Cores / GPU9216
FP64 Cores / SM32
FP64 Cores / GPU4608
INT32 Cores / SM64
INT32 Cores / GPU9216
Texture Units576
Memory Interface6144-bit HBM3?
Memory Data Rate1600 MHz DDR?
L2 Cache Size96000 KB?

NVIDIA has announced that it will prevent crypto miners from getting their hands on these Hopper GPUs. It will partner with games stores like Steam and Epic to implement an in-store purchasing system that allows only verified and aged gamers’ accounts to buy these H100 GPUs.

NVIDIA will prevent any account that is less than 2 years old or has had a minimum level of yearly activity to purchase these Hopper GPUs.

EPIC store and Steam will also require additional account verification against a KYC form. The KYC form will verify and identify the account holder using a national ID card and only one account per ID can be created.

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