Xilinx Varium C1100 8GB FPGA Ethereum Mining Hashrate

Xilinx Varium C1100 8 GB FPGA GPU Specification

The Xilinx Varium C1100 card is a high-performance FPGA-based compute card designed to accelerate Proof of Work (PoW) mining algorithms to deliver a high hash rate at relatively low power and speed-up transaction validation in Proof of Stake (PoS) protocols to improve network performance.

The C1100 card is a single slot factor passively cooled card with a Xilinx Virtex™ UltraScale+ FPGA, and supports PCI Express® (PCIe®) Gen3x16 or dual Gen4x8, contains 8 GB of High-Bandwidth Memory(HBM), and Ethernet networking capability with dual QSFP28 connectors capable of 8 x 25 Gb/s.

Card SpecificationsVarium C1100 (V-C1100-P00G-PQ-G-P)
Compute Resources
Look-up Tables(LUTs)872
DSP Slices5,952
HeightFull Height
LengthHalf Length
WidthSingle Slot
HBM Memory Capacity8 GB
HBM Total Bandwidth460 GB/s
Internal SRAM Capacity28 MB
Internal SRAM Total Bandwidth24 TB/s
Physical Interfaces
PCI Express®Gen3x 16, 2 x Gen4x 8
Network InterfacesDual QSFP28 (2 x 100Gbps)
Micro-USB ConnectorYes
Tool Support
Vitis Developer EnvironmentYes
Vitis PlatformGen3x4 XDMA1
Vivado Design SuiteYes
Power and Thermal
Maximum Total Power75W
Thermal CoolingPassive

Installing the Varium C1100 Compute Adaptor (blockchain accelerator cards) for Ethereum mining

Xilinx Varium C1100 FPGA 8 GB GPU mining hashrates for each algorithm (by Red Fox Crypto)

  • EtHash : (ETH) & (ETC) ] Ethereum mining hashrate: 78 MH/S
  • Power Consumption: 104 Watts/Hour.

Xilinx Varium-C1100 FPGA 8 GB GPU Ethereum mining Overclock/Undervolt Settings Hive OS (by RED PANDA MINING)

  • Core Clock: 610 – 640 MHz.
  • Memory Clock: 1220 – 1280 MHz.

2022 Daily Mining Hash Rate and Profitability of mining Ethereum by Xilinx C1100 Varium 8 GB FPGA GPU

Ethereum mining calculator

Xilinx C1100 Varium 8 GB FPGA GPU Price

Xilinx Varium C1100 8 GB FPGA GPU Price: $1,293

Although this card seems to be very profitable right now, you must take into consideration that this card can only mine Ethereum, so it will be useless when Ethereum mining will stop in the near future.

Xilinx Varium C1100 8 GB FPGA GPU Gallery

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