Earn money effortlessly mining with Heatbit electric heater that reduces cost by 74%

The heat generated during mining bitcoin by ASICs miners or Ethereum and altcoins using GPUs is always the main concern of any miner, which costs miners a decent percentage of mining income paying the electricity needed for these miners cooling system.

The new idea that the Heatbit electric heater created is to use this heat generated during mining for warming houses or offices in winters by using an electric heater that generates heat during mining bitcoin.

Heatbit Electric mining heater specifications

  • SHA256 Mining Hashrate : 14 TH/S
  • SHA256AsicBoost Mining Hashrate : 14 TH/S
  • Networking connection method: WIFI
  • Power consumption: 1300 Watt/Hour
  • Compatibale Electricity Voltages:
    • 110-120v
    • 220-240v
  • Heat distribution: Active ventilation by fans
  • Low noise level: <42 dBA (very quiet)
  • Heated space range: 150-170 square feet.
  • Weight: 14 kg / 31 lbs with moving wheels.
  • Safety:
    • Heat sensors for automatic turning on/off
    • Accelerometer for wrong position auto-turning off
    • self monitoring and firmware updates.

Heatbit electric heater Mobile App control review

  • You can control the heater mining mode, watch its statics, Check your balance, withdraw your earnings.
  • You can try the heater profitabilty before you buying it via the app’s Demo earnings mode with Facebook Messenger.
  • You can Setup one or more Heatbit heaters and remote control them.
  • Parental control via Pin lock security protection.

2022 Daily Mining Hash Rate and Profitability of mining Bitcoin with Heatbit electric heater

Bitcoin mining calculator

The most prominent and noticeable problem with this type of miner, if you are thinking of this as an actual miner, not just an electric heater, is that it is not hardware-upgradable; You can not upgrade its mining chips (that generates the heat while mining) with more powerful ones, while the bitcoin mining difficulty increases day after day.

This may make you earn an acceptable amount of money for 2 – 3 years, but you will of course stop mining with it and you will need to replace it with a new one that has a higher hashing power, the same decision that the old graphic cards owners always take when their cards are less efficient day after day.

Heatbit electric heater designs and prices

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